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Without help from family members, I could rarely identify the people, places or significance of items saved from generations past. 

The ticking of time got louder

I witnessed loved ones pass away. 
Their stories died with them. 

Capturing what I remembered, the impact that my loved ones' lives had on mine, and sharing these stories for future generations, developed into my passion.

Then, I became a mom.
Time evaporated before my eyes.
The old adage was true! 
The days are long, but the years are short. 

I used to be a memory hoarder.
That all changed when I inherited collections from generations past. 

recording details of photos
in an old album with my grandma

That's when the magic would unfold.
Mundane (and often overwhelming) moments now transformed.

Viewed through a lens of hindsight - these seemingly insignificant moments offered a new opportunity for reflection and connection.

The more I noticed them, the more intentional I was about what stories to capture and share. 

Using an online photo journaling service called TinyBeans, I collected these stories and shared what I noticed with family across the globe.

Despite being separated by many miles, my family was able to witness our life unfold. Mundane moments turned into "flecks of gold. "

Most days, I'd spend counting down the seconds until bedtime. But then, after the kids were asleep, I'd spend an hour (or two) going through my camera roll. 

Magic in the mundane

Despite being separated by many miles, my family was able to witness our life unfold.

Mundane moments turned into "flecks of gold. "

a mantra i live by

because sometimes life just needs a pause button.

capture the moments...

curate your legacy

combining my professional & Lived experiences to simplify the memory keeping and storytelling process & ensure that legacies live on for generations to come. 

This is why I created Frame of Life!

It has helped me to find the magic in the mundane.
Witness that joy can co-exist with grief and chaos.
Respect the feelings of overwhelm.
And create a narrative of my own life story. 

Back in the day there were far fewer photos captured.

The ones captured were usually thoughtfully planned and often documented special occasions. Technology and cost helped limit the amount of images. 

Today, on average, 4.7 billion photos are taken daily across the world. Nearly all of these photos are taken on cell phones, sometimes backed up to a cloud service and most are never viewed again.

When we die, these images and stories we took the time to capture die with us.

Unless we DO SOMETHING to make our memories useful to future generations, they decay in the land of forgotten clutter. 

Photography & Storytelling Are My Superpowers To Pause Time.


The  Fourth Pivot:

I didn't land my dream job as an attorney, but gave it a go as a litigator and quickly burned out from the stress. My husband encouraged me to follow my passions in photography. I leaped and began building my lifestyle branding and family photography business. 


The Third Pivot:

A high school sweetheart and a life plan shifted when I didn't get into law school in NY. Calling an audible, I applied to and was accepted at a small private law school in NH. My high school boyfriend didn't last, but I met lifelong friends and the love of my life and future Husband, Frank.  


The Second Pivot:

I dreamed of being both a photographer and a lawyer - helping bring families together. Even though I got into the best Photography school in the country, I quickly realized that subjective grading and lack of focus on writing skills were going to hold me back from my lofty law school goals. After I learned all I needed to know about photo technique, I transferred to a State College to focus on expanding my horizons and reaching my goals of getting into law school.


The First Pivot:

At age 6, I was adopted by my step-dad. My family tree continued to expand over the years and was always a challenge for me to explain when asked "who my family was." It taught me resiliency, empathy and how to be pretty darn efficient at taking large family portraits!


Attorney to Photographer

Told best through photos Of
the pivotal moments
of my life

This is my story:


Becoming a mom

Photo School Dropout

First Love vs. Career


The Sixth Pivot:

We welcomed our second child two weeks into the global pandemic. Like everyone in the world, our lives turned upside down as we shifted to quarantine and work from home life. We got creative in ways to connect with family across the globe, who didn't get to meet the newest addition to our family for months. 

The Fifth Pivot:

While starting and growing our family, we lost several significant close family members and a dear friend. Grieving these losses while becoming a new mom at the same time, taught me to appreciate the small miracles and preciousness of time.

Pandemic Baby


Frame of Life

Embracing Life:

I have been working on Frame of Life slowly in the fringe hours since 2016. Our trademark registration was approved this year.  What started as a passion project will continue to grow through our podcast conversations, courses, and workshops.

Together we can create the legacies we want to leave, form deeper connections with those we love, and live brighter happier lives. 

on Our wedding Day

pandemic Christmas card

starting labor at home 01.2017

launching the Podcast

Adoption day on crutches  (breakdancing injury)

your legacy










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