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Our blog posts highlight our most recent Podcast episodes and resources to help you learn how to craft your story. Whether you're interested in curating your family history or want to personalize your  brand story for your small business or online brand, we've got you covered! 

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Learn about backup and photo organization strategies to make finding your photos easier from a Certified Professional Photo Organizer. Pro tips and tricks about Apple Photos, iCloud and new photo and video apps and more!

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Organizing Brand Photos & Managing Digital Files

Are you a content creator, entrepreneur, or podcaster or who struggles with organizing and finding their digital assets? Learn pro tips for managing digital files from professional photographer and videographer

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Woes, Woo & Worth: Time Management Planning For Busy Moms and Entrepreneurs

Listen to this Podcast episode for helpful tips and insight into a tool I was use to analyze and map out my priorities for managing my family life and business life.

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Reclaiming Your Home with Alison & Kristen of Clean Slate

Learn simple solutions for home organization that will help your family work together to declutter, organize and maintain functional systems in your home.

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Curate Your Legacy

Curate Your Legacy Webinar replay. Learn how to define your why, create a legacy statement and tell your stories for future generations.

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Getting Intentional With The Memories You Make

Learn our method for reflecting on the past and planning the future and how we’re simplifying memory keeping this year.

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Family Photo Tips & Unique Photo Gifts for the Holidays

Tips and Tricks for great family portraits from a pro photographer and mom to two littles. Discover unique photo gifts to personalize and deliver smiles this holiday season.

Preserving Old Photos & Heirlooms with Kate Jacus

Learn tips and tricks for preserving old photos and artifacts with Archivist, Kate Jacus.

How to Keep Track of Heirlooms & Make Progress on Photo Projects

In this episode we chat about the key way I’ve been able to see progress when tackling personal photo projects in my “spare” time < Which seems less and less frequent these days.


Feeling a ping of guilt every year as you leave “create a family yearbook” unchecked on your to do list? On the Frame of Life Podcast today, we discuss whether Family Yearbook albums are worth the hype.

Try out our system for staying on track with your photo projects and memory keeping goals. Includes video tutorial and link to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet that you can completely customize for your own needs. 

Photo + Heirloom Collection Tracker


Document the moments and details that matter most to telling the story of your year. Snag our FREE Checklist here!

Family Yearbook Checklist