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A "monthly podcast" sharing tips for busy memory keepers seeking to notice, document, and embrace the stories that make up their wild lives.
We hold space to connect with tools to create and permission to play.

For Sentimental Memory Keepers With Busy Lives

the frame of life podcast

Binge worthy bite-sized episodes with topics ranging from digital photo organization to creating and curating a lasting legacy for future generations.

Embrace the stories that formed you to connect deeper with yourself and past, present and future generations. 

The Go-To Storytelling Podcast for memory Keeping inside the messy middle of life

WELCOME TO THE frame of life Storytelling PODCAST on Memory Keeping!

you're in the right place.

Our episodes are shared “monthly” -  a term we use lightly around here because #momlife sometimes gets in the way. We aim to keep our episodes short and easily digestible but packed with actionable memory keeping hacks you can implement right away! Your time is precious and your stories matter. Let’s get them documented!

You love Quick & simple systems

You're looking to sprinkle in a bit more joy in your life

You seek peace of mind knowing your photos & memories are safe

You want to Find Your Photos & most Valuable memories easily



As a mom, I'm overwhelmed by the amount of photos and videos I take of my son and needed help creating a system that is easy to keep up. Kiera is so wonderful to listen to and presents super useful tips and tricks in such a delightful way.
Highly recommend. 

love this podcast!

Tell me more!

You've picked a great new bestie to pop into your ear buds while you listen on a walk or while you catch your breath in the school pickup line. I'm a mama of two young kiddos, pro photographer and will be the first to commiserate with you about the challenges of memory keeping in the fringe hours.

Let me teach you how to notice, capture and reflect on the magic in the mundane. 
Discover more joy in your life by savoring the little moments that make your one wild life worth it. 

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My superpower is pausing time.

Try out our system for staying on track with your photo projects and memory keeping goals. Includes video tutorial and link to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet that you can completely customize for your own needs. 

Photo + Heirloom Collection Tracker


Document the moments and details that matter most to telling the story of your year. Snag our FREE Checklist here!

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