We make preserving memories easy - even in the messy middle of life. 
Document and tell the stories that matter most to you through photo, video and heirloom curation. 
We simplify the process, size of collections and overwhelm with complicated and evolving technology.  
Our systems allow you to live more in the moments, find more joy and connection with those you love.
No extra time required. 

Photo Organization and Memory Keeping Courses


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You’re too “busy” multi-tasking the demands #momlife, staying up past your bedtime DMing memes to your besties, and filling your camera roll with snippets of life, that you never actually get around to creating something meaningful with your memories. 

Life taught me how precious time is.

Loved ones pass away. Hard drives fail. Devices are stolen. Natural disasters rage through. Your cloud storage is full (again!)
You only have time to work in bursts and spend that time figuring out the changes in technology or trying to find where you left off.

Frame of Life meets you where you’re at in the process of preserving your memories.

I’ve created a system using my expertise as a professional photographer, obsessive researcher, and sentimental memory keeper to make sharing the moments that matter most easier.

I've been in your shoes, took notes along the way and am here now to support & cheer you on your documenting journey!

Ditch the perfection.
Celebrate the small moments.
Finally do something with your memories.


A "monthly podcast" sharing tips for busy memory keepers seeking to notice, document, and embrace the stories that make up their wild lives. We hold space to connect with tools to create and permission to play.

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Limited availability. I send you a quick intake, we meet virtually for 30 minutes. I can screen share to explain the tech and your options. You walk away with a completely customized action plan for your next steps that you can reference at any time. 

Photo Management Consultation

1:1 Consulting


Our Memory Maker's Masterclass is a library of resources that includes curated play lists, templates, spreadsheets, videos tutorials, and both audio and written content that help save time at any stage in your memory making journey. 

Self Paced or Group Workshops available

Resources designed for memorykeeping in the messy middle of life. 

Courses + Workshops

"Focusing on Documenting the small moments has changed my perspective on life and Made memory keeping easier."

finding more joy in the mundane



We're all about simplified memory making, but understand that life can get in the way sometimes!
Our Photo and Heirloom Collection Tracker helps you jump in (and out) of projects at any time... and not lose track of  your heirlooms or where you are in the documenting process. 


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The kind that sometimes email each other
real life stories, inspiring tips + tricks, words of encouragement & bite sized strategies you can try on your own time to make progress on your memory keeping goals.
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