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Learn tips and tricks for preserving old photos and artifacts with Archivist, Kate Jacus.

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How to Keep Track of Heirlooms & Make Progress on Photo Projects

In this episode we chat about the key way I’ve been able to see progress when tackling personal photo projects in my “spare” time < Which seems less and less frequent these days.

Photo Tips For Travel

Today marks our 5th Episode in our Podcast and we’re celebrating by introducing our newest series called: Meet the Memory Maker.

Time To Backup

It’s time to evaluate and elevate your current backup strategy when it comes to saving and sharing your most precious photos and videos.

Try out our system for staying on track with your photo projects and memory keeping goals. Includes video tutorial and link to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet that you can completely customize for your own needs. 

Photo + Heirloom Collection Tracker


Document the moments and details that matter most to telling the story of your year. Snag our FREE Checklist here!

Family Yearbook Checklist