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Organizing Brand Photos & Managing Digital Files

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I'm Kiera!

I used to be a memory hoarder.
That all changed when I inherited collections from generations past. 

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Are you a business owner, podcaster or creative content creator who struggles with organizing and finding their digital assets?

As a Boston based brand photographer, visual storyteller and a photo management consultant, I have plenty of experience when it comes to managing digital files.

This episode covers:

  • How to organize digital photos for creatives on your phone and computer
  • Strategically planning what content to capture
  • Using Albums and File Names/keywords to make your digital files easily searchable

To learn more, I’ve created a few tutorial videos where I walk you through how to use descriptive keywords to rename your photos and videos so you can find them easily.

How to Export and Name Files with Searchable Keywords:

How to Re-name Video Files with Descriptive Keywords

We’re recording our episodes of the Podcast now over on YouTube as well! You can see how I add captions to photos using my iPhone at minute 6:22 or jump over to this fun reel on Instagram.

While you’re there, I’d love to connect — shoot me a DM anytime on Instagram

Use our Photo & Family Heirloom Collection Tracker to customize your workflow and find your photos and brand content assets quickly:

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