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Memory Maker's 
Masterclass: Learn our method for simplifying photo projects to tell your story, organize your photos and build a legacy time capsule.

The simplified system for memory making in the messy middle of motherhood. Self-paced course and accountability community.

You need  help

But the problem is you're overwhelmed, stretched thin on time and can't find any of the moments
that you've captured because they're buried in your camera roll. 

You don't have the extra time

to spend keeping up with the latest tech updates and researching the most efficient ways to capture the moments, organize your photos and tell your stories. 

To capture those fleeting and heart fluttering moments before they're gone in a blink of an eye.

your mission

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Reminding you of the smells. 
The feelings. 
The pitter-pat of the first steps. 
The rocks your child collected on the playground and saved inside your pocket. 
The hushed giggles in the game of hide and seek.

You want to be able to look back at a single moment in time captured by your lens and have the whole memory spring to life.

You’ve lived them, and you want to be able to re-live them with your children, too. 

To some–the pictures you take are simple. 
Gigabytes of mundane moments.
But not to you.
You see the magic in those moments. 

The one who notices the flecks of gold in the day-to-day activities. 

You are your family’s Memory Keeper. 

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A step by step framework to build a maintainable system to capture, save and share the moments that matter most to you and your story. 

Although you logically know that not every picture is worth keeping, you can’t bring yourself to permanently delete a piece of a memory you’re afraid to lose forever. You don’t know which ones you’ll enjoy the most looking back with your loved ones in the years to come. The pressure to choose which memories to save for generations makes this a bigger task than you have time for.

You barely have a moment to breathe in between all of the hustle and bustle of life that you’re living. So, you ignore it. Until a memory pops up on your phone and you’re reminded (yet again) of the urgency. That time is passing before your eyes. 

It’s clear that what you need is a free babysitter and a solid week or more to yourself.

I can’t give you that. But I can give you the next best thing:

You want to get it done now!

But they’re tough to get to through when they're buried in between the 2500 photo bursts your 3 year old has taken over the last 10 days. 

Every time you go into your camera roll to try and sort it out, you end up in a rabbit hole of memories and random screenshots and you have to close out before you really even do anything.

There are just so many pictures that lay out your family’s life so far.

You want to use the images and videos you've captured to see the evolution of your family. 

You know these moments escape faster than you can capture them sometimes. 
So the ones you do capture mean even more to you. 
And you want others to feel those moments, too.

It’s not just the moments you’ve lived. It’s also about the moments that came before you. 

As the Memory Keeper, you know the power and presence that comes from a single moment in time. 

-Sara F

"After only 2 Modules, I'm already looking at the photos I've taken in a new light. Now I place more meaning on the ones I'm keeping, and have a much better idea of how I'll use them. I'm less critical of my photo-taking skills and more appreciative of the fact that I’m capturing the REALNESS of these moments — no matter how messy the house is or the last time I washed my hair."

"I'm less critical of my photo-taking skills and more appreciative of the moments"

Sleeping 5 (or was it 4?) hours each night because you have one early riser and one night owl. Sneaking sushi in your car so you don’t have to share. And constantly cleaning sticky fingerprints and crayons off of… well, everything!

But there are moments of true living inside the mess. 

You’ve been documenting these moments for years. Piling up pictures in the Cloud for that one day when the stars align and you’re finally ready to make the album. Or book. Or video. Or calendar. Or fill that empty gallery wall of frames you’ve had hanging on your walls for years now. 

The simplified system for memory making in the Messy Middle of Motherhood.

Memory Makers

- Ashley w. 

“1% better each day makes it all seem obtainable. 
Baby steps with my babies as my why.”

Memory Makers Masterclass is a series of easy to follow videos, podcast episodes + PDF worksheets designed  to help you set up a simple system for safely storing, organizing, and creating with your family  pictures and videos in your fringe hours. Customize a FrameWork to easily locate and use your  images to document and remember those fleeting moments and establish a legacy for future  generations. Taught by professional photographer and real life mama of 2, Kiera Liu.

The System Designed to Fit In The Messy Middle. 

No Extra Time Required.

A library resource with mama approved time saving techniques at your fingertips. Projects are taught by topic modules and broken down into tiny actionable steps so you can make progress toward your goals (even in the fringe hours).

self paced

Easily accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. Content is delivered via video, podcasts, written tutorials and PDF worksheets to help meet you where you're at.

Multiple Formats

We've done all the research for you and keep up with latest trends and tech updates. The Modules are set up as a quick reference guide to remind you where you left off and what to do next.

A proven time Saving strategy

Here's What You Get:

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Masterclass Roadmap
Setup a command central tool kit
Create your plan and define specific project goals

Building Your Framework

Module One

Overview of the Modules:

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Create a system  for protecting and tracking  your most valuable photos, videos and heirlooms.
Learn how to efficiently use cloud storage and external hard drives to backup your digitized collections.

back up basics

Module Two

I Need this!

Learn the best practices for organizing your digital photos on your phone, computer and cloud. 

Photo Organization

Module Three

Yes please!

Phone + DSLR photo basics
Learn how to find light and capture moving kids
Creative ways to get in the frame + more

Photo Tips

Module Four

teach me how!

How to take video on your phone
Organizing + compiling short video stories
Sharing + saving videos for the future

All About Video

Module Five

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Capture and tell your stories.
DIY tips for documenting your life.
Broken down into tiny steps by project type (i.e. baby books, wedding albums, family yearbooks and calendars, gallery walls + more)
Printing recommendations

Curating your legacy

Module Six

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This is the place to come together with your fellow Memory Makers to support one another, learn and grow together.

Have a question you need answered? Ask it here. We are always learning from one another and this is a great way to commiserate over challenges and learn together. 

Share your goals and the moments that matter to you. We'll keep you accountable and cheer you on if roadblocks get in your way between our accountability calls.

Described by students of Memory Makers Masterclass as “self care”, this group helps you get the work done and feel less alone in the process.

Private Facebook community

Studies show that people get more done when they’re accountable to someone. 

Join Kiera live monthly for support or submit a question in advance to have answered during the replay. 

Meet other memory making moms on a mission to document their life stories. 

These calls give you a place to ask questions, find an accountability buddy,
and stay on track to the goals you’ve set.

Monthly Virtual Group Coaching With Kiera

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The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

more joy.
like lots more

simple systems
to use daily & refresh annually

a baby book, photo album, or gallery wall in your life to enjoy instead of on your to do list

peace of mind that your stories are documented and safe for future generations

More time
to focus on living in the moments

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Let's Connect

I'm Kiera, a professional photographer with over 12+ years experience working with families and small women owned businesses as a branding and storytelling photographer. I am also a wife, rescue dog lover and mama of 2 wild young kiddos. Our youngest was born just 2 weeks into the Pandemic. If anyone understands the demands of being a parent today + the pressures to document and manage the overwhelm of ALL THE PHOTOS... it's me.

I am right there with you. In the trenches of motherhood. Creating this Masterclass in the fringe hours because I know how much you need connection, tools, and time saving tricks. I am a no bullsh*t kinda mama. Time is of the essence and I know you don't have a lot to spare.

This masterclass is a literal visual representation of my heart, late nights of endless research, trial and error for finding ways to make memories and memory keeping approachable and possible for us mamas in the messy middle. 

My method and "FrameWork" I teach in Module 1 has literally saved my life (it gave me the tools I need to survive through grief and postpartum anxiety) and allowed me to find more joy in motherhood.

I cannot wait to meet you, learn more about you, and help you realize how beautiful the world is right in front of you.

Let's capture some memories together!



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We offer 1:1 Photo Management Consultations that pair perfectly with the Memory Makers Masterclass! 
Meet with Kiera for a 30 min virtual zoom session that is recorded. Walk away with a customized photo management plan and checklist with the exact steps you need to take back control of your photo memories. 

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*Refund is available to those who show a good faith effort to review and implement course content materials and methods. Masterclass course content created by Kiera Liu. 
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