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Let’s talk all about Holiday Traditions today on the podcast.

When was the last time that you took a minute to reflect on WHY you do certain things around the holidays?

Have you ever stopped to analyze whether these traditions are still worth pursuing? Do they add connection and joy or do they instead drain your energy, increase your anxiety or create more stress in life? 

Connecting to your “why” will help you decide what traditions to continue to hold near to you and which ones to let go of. This is your permission slip to let things go, embrace your stories and connect to yourself, family and history.

In this episode we share some tips for documenting your traditions and the stories behind them. Use your traditions as topics to think about and explore as journaling prompts and challenges to document through photo, video and/or audio.

Here’s the 2 books I recommended.

We’ll dive more into each in future episodes, but these are high on my favorites list for 2022.

The Stories We Tell, by Joanna Gaines

The Essential Questions: Interview Your Family to Uncover Stories and Bridge Generations, by Elizabeth Keating

Learn more about HOW TO RECORD A VOICE MEMO here

Link to our more detailed blog post about Documenting Holiday Memories

Photo from the last Christmas Eve dinner at my Great Grandma’s home in 2009. She passed away the following Spring and I am SO glad I snapped this photo time stamping the time/place.

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