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That all changed when I inherited collections from generations past. 

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Episode 9 Shownotes

In this conversation we interview Personal Family Lawyer, David Feakes, Founder and Owner of the Parents Estate Planning Law Firm in Acton, MA. 

We discuss all you need to know about planning your legacy through estate planning and the legal process. We also chat about practical ways to ensure that your children are protected in the event of a tragedy or your unexpected early departure while you still have minor children in your care. 

Links we discuss in this episode:

Kids Protection Planning Guide

Wear Clean Underwear, by Alexis Martin Neely

I also created a cute but practical “In Case of Emergency Card” template that you can customize, download and print using a free Canva Account should you feel motivated (like I did) to update the ways you can identify yourself and connect help for your children in case an emergency should arise where you are either separated or cannot speak for yourself.

It’s my first time doing something like this, so if you encounter any issues — shoot me an email or DM me on instagram

Hope you enjoyed this episode!

If you did — be sure to Follow our show so you don’t miss any new episodes when they sporadically drop and share your five star review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! I’ll be forever grateful!

Incase of Emergency Card Template


If you just can’t get enough of our chat with David – then you’ll really love the interview we recorded over on his Podcast – Wicked Smart Parents Podcast. David interviews me about some key ways I preserve memories for our future generations and I’d love for you to take a listen. It’s linked down below in case it’s easier for you to listen here. Otherwise – you can find it on Spotify and Amazon Music and iHeart Radio. 

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