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After spending 3 hours working with Clean Slate Home Organizers to tackle one of the final remaining trouble spots in my home, I sat down with Alison & Kristen to chat about what we learned together.

Before picture of office clutter

Here’s a before/after sneak peek at what we accomplished in our home office organization mini session.

In this episode we cover simple ways you can get your whole family on board when it comes to decluttering, organizing and maintaining systems in your home and SO MUCH MORE

I’ve been on a journey for the last 5 months working on ways to help eliminate some of the stress and burden of household management in my life.

The fastest, most tangible way I’ve been able to see results has been to focus on decluttering toys and all the “rando piles of $hit” that have accumulated and moved around my house since the start of the Pandemic.

In November, I worked with a team of 5 moms to tackle our Basement, laundry area and all of the toys in our home. We spent a whirlwind 2 days in the basement going through every single item that was down there and deciding purposefully what to keep, toss and donate. At the end of our time, the organizers filled 4 car fulls of donations and 3 truckloads of garbage to haul off. I was equal parts appalled and equal parts so pleased.

Bottom line… space to breathe was created in our home and a spark was ignited to take the skills I learned during those 2 days to tackle other areas of my home like the entry way, kitchen, and our laundry process. I’m working on an upcoming episode and post with more details about the shifts we’ve made including before/after photos. DM me on IG if you’re dying to see sooner!

I loved the experience of having another set of eyes come in and tackle our office area.

Alison and Kristen offered a fresh perspective and came with ingenious ideas for ways to tackle some bottle neck/dump zones in our home — like the random laundry piles and mass of photo equipment.

Kristen blew my mind away when she talked about her love for building things she dreams up. I’ve seen her work with my friend, Lizzie’s Bakery pop up shop Snowport in the Boston Seaport this winter. She literally creates magic in spaces and knows how to use a power tool or two!

Alison is methodical in approaching how to sort and store items and has an eye for detail that helps make the whole project come together. It’s so neat watching them work together as a team.

I am sure they’ll be back to help me finish up these projects. My burden has been lifted because of tools, tips and systems I’ve put in place since working with the Clean Slate crew — and in this episode we share almost all the tricks for you to try at home today!

Let me know how it goes!

Quick links:

Get in touch with Clean Slate: www.hellocleanslate.com (Mention this episode and get $50 off a spring clean in the month of April)

Follow Clean Slate on IG: @cleanslate.ma

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